Rate Information

GENERAL RATES: Call today to get your rate quote, or email us.  Put rate quote in the subject line. All rates are on a job by job bases. With every job being different every rate will vary just as much as the job. Example: you want to find something from 1935 it will require more time probably than to find something from 2005, so it will cost more for the more time involved.


CONCIERGE SERVICE: Rates very as to the job we perform. Delivery will be different than ticketing services and depending on time table. Reservations rates vary too depending on if it is a limo service you require or show tickets, or maybe restaunrant suggestion and reservations. As your hired Concierge, Edge Delivers, is there for you to use for all these things so you don't have to spend any time worrying about this stuff.


PROCESS SERVICE: Process service rates are set at at $20 dollars plus mileage and gas surcharge. That includes two attempts of service at least 1 hour apart with 1 attempt being after 6pm for personal services. Business services are always made with-in business hours.


BROKERAGE SERVICE: Brokerage service rate is at the discretion of the service I enlist to fulfill the service. This includes delivery to artifact finding and research and will be varied for the same reason as mentioned above.


MAIL SERVICE: Mail service rates will vary too. If it is a direct delivery or if it is a pack and ship. It will also vary what kind of packing is required. Fragile packing and shipping is more expensive than packing up books to ship.


ORGANIZATION REVIEW SERVICE: If you are in need to know your dynamics at your business, rates will vary as to how much you want us to intergrate your business. If it is a simple see how the business is run when the boss is gone that will be a completely different rate than if your wanting us to pretend to be a new hire and check it out from the inside.


COURT FILING SERVICE: Rate for filing papers is $20 an hour plus mileage and gas surcharge with a 1 hour minimum.


RESEARCH SERVICE: Rates depend or what we are researching for you.


ARTIFACT LOCATION SERVICE: As stated earlier rates will depend on how hard it is to find something.



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